Local Vendors
Buying and Supporting Local

 The Blackbird is a true taste of the region. As a small, locally owned business, we look to support other regional business owners. The result is high-quality food for our guests and an appreciation for locally sourced ingredients in our kitchen.

Cornucopia Cheese & Specialty Foods Co. in Graham, NC

This North-Carolina cheese company supplies us with locally made and specialty cheeses. We’re able to find the perfect ingredients for all our dishes thanks to their extensive product list and support of small, local food producers.

French Broad Brewing in Asheville, NC

Founded in 2001, just a couple of miles from the restaurant, this brewery keeps our taps flowing with locally produced beer. Asheville is fondly called “Beer City, USA” and we’re proud to provide a sampling of the brews that make our city great.

Moonsprouts in Horse Shoes, NC

The tasty micro greens that adorn our salads and garnish our plates are the bounty of Moonsprouts in nearby Henderson County. Carefully grown and delivered by the farmers at Moonsprouts, we are able to serve the freshest greens possible while supporting an environmentally minded company.

Mountain Foods in Asheville, NC

The vegetables on your plate at our restaurant are locally sourced thanks to Mountain Foods. Located at the Western North Carolina Farmers Market, this company provides us with the freshest ingredients available and allows us to support a variety of local farms.

Sunburst Trout Farms in Waynesville, NC

The trout served in our restaurant comes directly from Sunburst Trout, a family-owned business located just outside of Asheville. We’re lucky to have North Carolina’s second largest trout supplier just miles away. The trout we serve is grown in the pristine waters of the Shining Rock wilderness in the Pisgah National Forest.

Crooked Creek Mills in Old Fort, NC

The grits on your brunch plate are a true taste of the region. We serve Heritage Grits, which are a carefully blended mix of locally grown white North Carolina and Crooked Creek corns. This heritage blend is stone milled according to family tradition.

Rayburn Farm in Barnardsville, NC

Fresh herbs are the best herbs! We’re thankful for family-owned Rayburn Farm for keeping our kitchen full of flavor. Located just outside of Asheville, this organic farm delivers a variety of fresh, seasonal herbs to Asheville restaurants and breweries.

Dynamite Roasting Company in Asheville, NC

The cup of coffee that finishes off your meal and wakes you up during brunch is made from 100% certified organic and fair trade beans that are locally roasted. Dynamite Roasting Company roasts in small batches, ensuring that every cup you enjoy at the restaurant is farm-to-cup fresh.

Serious Dog Farm in Asheville, NC

Fresh greens are tasty greens. We’re proud to source our greens locally from Serious Dog Farm. This urban farm is located within the greenhouse restoration project at Smith Mill Works. As a family-run farm, they take pride in the hand-cultivation required to grow delicious food.

11Eleven Creative in Asheville, NC

Specializes in custom marketing tools that help businesses grow. Maintaining brand consistency and developing unique ways to express your brand is our niche. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding product and service in a timely manner. Using the latest marketing tools to bring your customers a unique experience.

Chris Bryant in Asheville, NC

Food photography is my specialty and I can dispatch every facet of a food (or photo) shoot—art direction, prop styling, food styling, even the photography itself. And although I can perform those roles in combination, I’m just as content to lock into just one. To me, being an indispensable assistant is as rewarding as chiefing a shoot.